Weight Loss Program

We offer effective weight loss packages that help you lose weight in a healthy way. This program mainly focuses on simple and easy to follow Diet. modifications allowing you to lose weight every week.


How We Do it

Here, we plan your diet based on:

* Your Fitness Goal 🏃💪🙌
(Weight loss/ Inch loss /Weight gain/ Body Building)
* Your Medical Condition 👩👨
( Blood group, Body composition, Thyroid, PCOS , Diabetes, Pregnancy ,Post Pregnancy )
* Your Routine and Life 👱👲👮
( Wether working, Homemaker, Student)
* And Hence, Compatible Food choices and Availability 😁

Why Join Nutrition Care?

Nutrition Care Clinic offers :

* Convenience of Online Consultation
( And avoid travel to a clinic ) 📱📞
* Convenience of Face to Face Consultation also available😊
( For the better understanding of Diet and Fitness Goal)
* Highly Personalized Weekly Diet Plan📃📄📝 via mail
* Regular follow up and monitoring of progress 📈📉
( Via call, WhatsApp and emails )
* No Crash Diet, No Starvation😱😊
* No Monotonous Diet 😲😊

Weight Gain and Muscle Building

Weight Gain 💪, unlike weight loss, is a different journey🏃‍♀🏃‍♂ and we at Nutrition Care Clinic help you with the proper nutrition behind it:

1. What to eat and when to eat.🍳🍗🥗🍚
2. What is required more protein or carbs or both🍞🥚
3. The right supplement
4. Also, pre workout, post workout meals and nutrition with your exercises🏋‍♂🏋‍♂

Healthy Recipes

 Is dieting boring? Now it’s not At with Dietitian Eti Jain Goel “its not Dieting Its Nutritionally healthy eating .Find your list of healthy and tasty recipes with the blog of cinnagram.com.
 Find yourself a variety of easy to prepare, fast recipes. Now don’t ignore your favorites because we have alternatives.



 If calories never caused trouble and if given the choice, anyone would choose junk food over a healthy diet. Unfortunately, our bodies aren’t made to survive on junk. Hence, we require the right nutrition that will not only help us sustain but also keep us active.
 Try to increase your turmeric intake, to let your Indian diet plan for weight loss work flawlessly. Garlic, which is a staple alongst the Indian populace, contains allicin, a compound that helps fight cholesterol issues. It also brings blood sugar levels under control. Make it mandatory to use garlic in your food.

 An integral component of every Indian diet, they are rich in protein per calorie, vitamin C, vitamin K, and dietary fiber. Conversely, they are low in calories and fat, which makes them the ideal food to consume for all those who wish to lose weight.
 Don’t ask why healthy food is expensive, ask why junk is so cheap.


Get started …

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