5 ways to lose weight – By Eti Jain

Hi, I’m Eti Jain, the founder and director of Nutrition Care Clinic .
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1 Breakfast is very Important:

Breakfast is a very important factor it should

5 ways to lose weight - By Eti Jain

not be skipped. Skipping Breakfast low the work of metabolism. You want to make sure you’re breaking the fast by having a meal that combines protein, healthy fat, fiber, and greens. I recommend an egg omelet. Not a breakfast person? Try blending up some coffee mix it with ice cubes and a teaspoon of coconut oil.

2 Follow window between meals

Most people think eating lots of small meals through the day is the best way to boost metabolism. I say there’s an even greater

5 ways to lose weight - By Eti Jain

benefit giving your body time between meals. Breaks are good. Aim for a 4-6 hour window between meals. This increases the surge in human growth hormone and testosterone that help you lose weight and maintain lean muscle mass.

3 Sweatting

High-intensity interval training puts your body

5 ways to lose weight - By Eti Jain

through bursts of difficult cardio, which has major muscle-building and fat-burning benefits. Lifting weights will increase your muscle mass allowing your body to burn calories more effectively through the day.

4 Eat healthy fats

Not only will you not crave snacks in between meals—allowing your metabolism to burn the energy from the meal you just ate—but you will lose weight too! My favorite healthy fats are avocado (probably my favorite food ever), almond butter, coconut oil, and ghee. Yes, you are allowed one spoon of ghee in your meal!

5 Intake of Water :

5 ways to lose weight - By Eti Jain

It might mean that you’ve run the risk of slowing down your metabolism that day. If you get bored of drinking plain water all day long, try one of these fruit infused waters. I personally love drinking green tea all day.

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